Friday, 15 May 2015

Soviet Assault Engineers

Up for your viewing pleasure today are a few of Warlord Game's Soviet Assault Engineers. I'd been eyeing off these figures for a while mainly due to the coolness of the body armour on WW2 figures. The sculpts are not bad with several of the faces having some good depth and not too much flash to clean up. These were fun to paint up with a good variety of weapons and equipment to fiddle with.

Painting the amoeba pattern of the soviet scouts/engineers was interesting, I eventually ended up making one larger circle in the middle of a pattern and then several smaller circles around it in a star like shape before joining the dots up so to speak. I tried to keep it a little subtle but not too subtle so that you couldn't notice it. It's a little clearer in real life (my photography skills are still under development).

I also tried doing stubble on the faces with mixed success, I think next time I might try and do a few more layers as I think I may have done it a little thick on the first one.

I've left the figures unbased as I think I'll try and sell them off to fund other purchases. No room in my apartment for storage unfortunately.

Let me know what you think or if you have any tips!

Next up a Jomsviking SAGA warband or a few Napoleonics I've done. Whatever I get photos of first

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