Sunday, 10 May 2015

Fun with Italian Airborne

I finished these figures up about a month ago and they have been languishing on my desk awaiting some attention.

I had originally planned on just buying a few figures for the fun of it but ended up an entire box set somehow...

These are Warlord figures again. Not bad sculpts and interesting to paint up as a little bit of variety. Their uniform isn't something I've seen much on other blogs and was a bit of a challenge to get the base green colour right. I ended up starting with vallejo emerald and putting on a light black wash which mellowed the vibrancy of the colour a bit.

I made the fence out of matchsticks and it ended up being fairly sturdy

 I had a lot of fun mucking around with the flames effects on this. There are plenty of handy tutorials on how to make the flames but I just ended up going for the superglued clump foliage onto a brass rod and then soaking it all in PVA.

The mortar was a bit fiddly to put together

And the whole group shot

Let me know any thoughts on the group or any handy tips! Thanks for looking

And here's the image I went off (thanks to osprey for the image- books come highly recommended):


  1. Nicely done! I'm hardly an expert, but the camouflage looks very good, I like the basing, and the flamethrower is very dramatic. :)

  2. Very nice - Polish Paras I assume?
    Did not realise they had grey trousers as well as berets - really makes them stand out

  3. Italians actually. Most of them probably wore the grey green similar to the fallschirmjager however there was one image in the Osprey book that had them wearing the blue grey airforce uniform underneath so I went with that for a little bit of contrast! Glad you guys like them