Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Napoleonic French Old Guard/ British Foot Artillery

Hi guys,

Second post for the day, I'm starting to have a sell off of things that I can no longer store so I thought I'd better put these pictures up for everyone to have a look at. First up are 2 Victrix British Foot artillery guns and limbers, as you can see I've added a few extra figures to the bases just to spice things up a little. Didn't realise how long it takes to paint tartan...

Old mate kneeling down will soon be deaf

A few of the plastic riflemen from the Perry British Infantry set painted up as 95th rifles

Next up are a few Perry Old Guard Grenadiers. Interesting figures to paint up as they all have a little bit of character and aren't carbon copies of one another at all. I seem to have lost one along the way. It took me ages to try and get the blue right, I must've tried 3-4 different blues before I settled on this one. I'm planning on putting these into a mini vignette with the Napoleon and Staff set from the Perrys that I've just aquired, so the haven't been permanently based yet.

As always comments, criticisms and tips are all welcome!

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