Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Napoleonic French Old Guard/ British Foot Artillery

Hi guys,

Second post for the day, I'm starting to have a sell off of things that I can no longer store so I thought I'd better put these pictures up for everyone to have a look at. First up are 2 Victrix British Foot artillery guns and limbers, as you can see I've added a few extra figures to the bases just to spice things up a little. Didn't realise how long it takes to paint tartan...

Old mate kneeling down will soon be deaf

A few of the plastic riflemen from the Perry British Infantry set painted up as 95th rifles

Next up are a few Perry Old Guard Grenadiers. Interesting figures to paint up as they all have a little bit of character and aren't carbon copies of one another at all. I seem to have lost one along the way. It took me ages to try and get the blue right, I must've tried 3-4 different blues before I settled on this one. I'm planning on putting these into a mini vignette with the Napoleon and Staff set from the Perrys that I've just aquired, so the haven't been permanently based yet.

As always comments, criticisms and tips are all welcome!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

SAGA Jomsviking Warband

These fellas are my most recent paintjob to date. They're from Gripping beast and are quite nice figures to paint, with plenty of character in the faces and the figures themselves. I did a little bit of conversion and basing work, mostly with the Warlord and standard bearer. The flag and shield designs are from LBMS and went on really nicely.

I'm going to have to sell these on unfortunately as I have to move house in a few months and don't have space to store anything. Send me a message if you're interested in them otherwise I'll throw them up on one of the forums and hopefully someone can enjoy gaming with them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

The Warlord which I dismounted from his original metal base and glued onto a bunch of rocks. The ginger beard was calling.

A few single shots of some figures I forgot to photograph in groups

The figures with the chainmail were great to paint, they came up really nicely and had hardly any flash to get rid of

The photos dont really show off a lot of the depth in the clothing, they look much better in real life

I particularly like the faces on these ones, I think I'm slowly improving in painting depth. The shield at far right is a custom design

A few viking beserkers not from the Warband pack

The flag is from LBMS. Couldn't figure out how to photograph it properly. The flagpole is a metal rod cut to length.

As always let me know if you have any tips/comments!

Thanks for looking

Friday, 15 May 2015

Soviet Assault Engineers

Up for your viewing pleasure today are a few of Warlord Game's Soviet Assault Engineers. I'd been eyeing off these figures for a while mainly due to the coolness of the body armour on WW2 figures. The sculpts are not bad with several of the faces having some good depth and not too much flash to clean up. These were fun to paint up with a good variety of weapons and equipment to fiddle with.

Painting the amoeba pattern of the soviet scouts/engineers was interesting, I eventually ended up making one larger circle in the middle of a pattern and then several smaller circles around it in a star like shape before joining the dots up so to speak. I tried to keep it a little subtle but not too subtle so that you couldn't notice it. It's a little clearer in real life (my photography skills are still under development).

I also tried doing stubble on the faces with mixed success, I think next time I might try and do a few more layers as I think I may have done it a little thick on the first one.

I've left the figures unbased as I think I'll try and sell them off to fund other purchases. No room in my apartment for storage unfortunately.

Let me know what you think or if you have any tips!

Next up a Jomsviking SAGA warband or a few Napoleonics I've done. Whatever I get photos of first

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Fun with Italian Airborne

I finished these figures up about a month ago and they have been languishing on my desk awaiting some attention.

I had originally planned on just buying a few figures for the fun of it but ended up an entire box set somehow...

These are Warlord figures again. Not bad sculpts and interesting to paint up as a little bit of variety. Their uniform isn't something I've seen much on other blogs and was a bit of a challenge to get the base green colour right. I ended up starting with vallejo emerald and putting on a light black wash which mellowed the vibrancy of the colour a bit.

I made the fence out of matchsticks and it ended up being fairly sturdy

 I had a lot of fun mucking around with the flames effects on this. There are plenty of handy tutorials on how to make the flames but I just ended up going for the superglued clump foliage onto a brass rod and then soaking it all in PVA.

The mortar was a bit fiddly to put together

And the whole group shot

Let me know any thoughts on the group or any handy tips! Thanks for looking

And here's the image I went off (thanks to osprey for the image- books come highly recommended):