Saturday, 23 July 2016

New toys, old toys and someone else's toys

I really thought it was time to get back into the swing of this and try and get some more frequent blog updates. I've been busy painting stacks of samurai and to say I'm over them is a bit of an understatement. I reckon I must've painted over a hundred samurai in the last few years but there are still more to go.

I didn't end up taking any photos of them in the end because I moved them along to their new owner as soon as they were done. Suffice to say they were quite a bit nicer than my original samurai (that you can see in some previous posts). All up there were 30 of them and I also painted some sort of Samurai Demon figure which was a bit of an odd one. 

It hasn't been all samurai lately though, I recently picked up a substantial Mirkwood Amoured Elves army from the Hobbit range by GW (didn't pay aussie prices of course) and I'm working on getting some of them up to scratch. The finecast can be a pain, with quite a bit of clean up work to do and there will be a few little air bubbles (not too many) and some detail to rework in greenstuff but it's definately do-able.

I'm holding out for some sweet dark foresty bases from a guy in the UK who is currently moulding them but they are at least a few months away so don't expect to see too much paint on these anytime soon. Still I thought I might be able to start a game or two even though they're unpainted.

Next up is some shield replicating I've done with some Blue stuff (like a re-usable insta-mold). Never have enough shields in their packs to cover everyone plus now I need extras for the cav so I use a 50-50 mix of milliput and greenstuff to get good sculpting qualities and acceptable hardness. I've got a few moulds on the go so I'll see which one comes out nicest and crank them out from there.

Someone else's toys now, a whole bunch of figures from Knight Models in their Batman range. Lovely stuff and looking forward to putting some paint down on these once I finish the greenstuffing.

Finally a Skorne Titan Gladiator. A real bitch to put together because of the weight of the parts. I'll be going for some light blue-grey skin and looking to do a black armour gold trim combo but I will have to wait and see how that turns out. If I can remember I'll try to get some WIP shots on the way.

That's all for now bit of a long post but so be it. Thanks for looking and hopefully I'll be back with more to show soon!