Monday, 6 June 2016

The Promised Ones

Finally got these guys uploaded onto the computer and cropped up. My phone wasn't connecting properly the last few times so I'd just given up. But here they are!

12 Wargames Foundry Roman Equites painted up as Legio XIV Gemina around about the invasion of Britain time. The shield transfers are LBMS, they're totally worth it to save heartache trying to freehand all that crap.

The weapons are going to be added by Brett who I'm painting them for as he didn't have them on hand. Anyway I'll let the photos do the talking.

The signifer (guy carrying the pole) and Vexillarius (mini flag bearer)

The centurion

I'm finishing up some more Samurai photos as I speak so I'll try get a second post out today which would be a minor miracle in itself. I've also finished the Warlord SS Charlemagne figs so I'll try take photos of them today too in-between some undercoating and painting up the next mountain of samurai figs for commission. They're to be used for Kings of War I think. I may go insane by the end of this lot though, the Perry samurai are beautifully sculpted but damn they are covered in mold lines and flash.

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