Tuesday, 7 June 2016

2nd Round of Samurai

I've managed to surprise myself and actually got a second post up today. Managed to get a stack of hobby related shite done, mostly undercoating some Lord of the Rings figures I'll be painting eventually and undercoating another 50 or so samurai that will have to be done for a mate.

Here are some of the samurai I did 3 years ago, the painting quality on them is a marked difference from what I can get now but I'm still happy with them for my first 28mm figures. 

These banners were the 'queen' pieces for the chess set. The Japanese writing was done free-hand copying a few images off google.

Some gun toting samurai that were used as bishops for one side. These guys were the only attempt I made at any sort of uniform among the group. They're Takeda-ish with their red laquered armour 

My favourite figure of the whole bunch was this general's assistant with the gold bell on his back. Such a well sculpted figure and an absolute joy to paint. These sword/naginta guys were the pawn pieces

I've got one last round of Samurai to show off, still didn't manage to get the SS figures photographed today. The light isn't so great during the days now that it's winter so I tend to forget about it until its too late. 

Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques always welcome


  1. Excellent job, wonderful colors and great details!

  2. Thanks Phil! Working on another 30 as we speak, the skin should turn out a lot netter this time