Monday, 23 May 2016

Samurai sensation

I have been pretty lax on the old blog updates recently, I've been painting the outside of the house and it is just no fun at all. I've been getting things done in the hobby department too though, the Romans have been finished and photographed I just need to crop them and I'll put them up at some stage. Until then here are some of my Perry samurai cavalry that I painted a few years ago as the first things to get back into painting.

I've got a whole bunch of infantry too and I'll show them off at some stage. Stacks more in the works on commission now too. These were originally based for use as chess pieces as I have a giant board and thought it would be a cool idea. I wasn't planning on getting into gaming or anything it was just something to do. 

A general and body guard (was a king piece)

A second general and his bodyguard

Some of the stock knight pieces

Their sword armed counterparts. I really have no idea why the horse's nose came out yellow in the photo, its a flesh colour in reality. Probably shouldn't rush my photos but it's always a last minute consideration for me

I'll try get more stuff up for show at some stage, I'm currently working on the Warlord SS Charlemagne troops. Pea dot and Oakleaf B are a massive bitch

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