Friday, 6 May 2016

Another Roman WIP and the motherload of LOTR

Haven't worked on these for a week or so as I was in Hong Kong but the riders are done (minus the shields). I'm pretty happy with how they look so far, particularly with the eyes as it's my first attempt at them. I have to say that the sculpting is quite good on the faces which really helped.

Just a couple of nasty photos to show where they are at. I'll be working on the horses over the next week so hopefully they don't take too long and I can move onto something else. Still got the Warlord Games SS Charlemagne figures I've left languishing for the last year that are half finished and there are some Knight Models Batman figures on their way to me for some more comission work.

I recently sold off my Perry Miniatures Samurai as well so I'll put photos of them up in the next few days

Definitely one of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Hong Kong's FLGS to have a quick look. Sitting innocently in a sale box was the motherload of OOP LOTR figures and I snatched up as much as I could grab. I managed to pick up quite a few copies of some rare figures like Eorl the Young (I got 3 NIB and one missing the shields and an arm for $65 AUD!). Needless to say I was pretty chuffed and I plan on using most of them as trades and keeping a single copy for myself

More to come this week as I'm on holidays and should have more time to post.

Thanks for looking as always!