Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Finally something to show

So I've been a little lazy in the blog updating department....what's new. That doesn't mean I haven't been full steam ahead in the painting department though! I finished the 16 Coldstream guard last week but didn't find the motivation to take photos until 20 minutes before the guy came to collect them...

Anyway I tried taking photos in more natural light near a door (the windowsill was too inconvenient) as a bit of a change from my usual daylight bulb style. I think they turned out ok-ish

I've finally decided that I hate Napoleonic drummers, they are such a bitch to paint up with all the lace. These turned out reasonably well but perhaps not quite as nice as the Grenadier guards ones, I thought that the arm lacing was a bit closer together than the other figures and it made it harder to make the lace not look too crowded

I am pretty happy with the rest of the command figures though, after getting over the annoyance of the white pants (so many layers!) the rest of the figures where quite nice to paint. The weapons and chest buckle are done in gold metallics but for all the lacing I ended up doing it in NMM not that you can really see in the photo. There is a fair difference when just looking at them in reality.

Another ensign and his sergeant mate

 A few of the regular Joes. Nothing too much to report on these guys, they're basically just a rehash of the Grenadier guards but with white pants instead

A shot of the flank companies

All in all I'm pretty happy with these figures. I'd recommend the Wargames Foundry figures for sure, although the flashing is a bit nasty at times. I guess you get the same with the Perry Miniatures too though...

Safe to say I've had enough of Napoleonics for a while, I'm already right into some EIR Roman equites from Wargames Foundry as well. I might try and get a WIP photo up tomorrow once I've made a little more progress.

Thanks for looking and comments/critiques are welcome as always! 


  1. Very smart indeed sir!! Foundry figures unless I'm mistaken?
    Look forward to seeing the Romans, WIP would be good. Always interesting to see how other artists work.

    1. Yep they certainly are the foundry figs. Pretty nice just a ton of flash to deal with