Friday, 11 March 2016

US Paras finished

Sorry about the lack of recent posts but I wanted to show you guys the finished products without a billion WIP posts. All up about 37 figures which for me is definately the most in any one project I've done and I can say that I have had enough of khaki for a little while. 

I've only put up a few hasty photos that I took before heading off to work so not all the figures are here but you get the general idea of how they look. Unfortunately the camera lighting tends to wash out of the pale highlights so they're a little less yellow in reality. 

Without further ado..

I finally got to have a go at creating glass crystal with some stuff I bought from Ammo Mig. Its interesting trying to get the right depth of colour and try to make the reflections work like they should but I think it all worked out. Might try and go just a tad less of the crystal blue colour next time.

A good mix of Artizan, Warlord and Offensive Miniatures figures. The Offensive ones are definately more realistically proportioned and detailed than the others but conversely it makes them a tad harder to paint as well

That's all for now, next up some Coldstream Guards for the Spanish Napoleonic campaign


  1. Absolutely lovely figures Roger! Superb painting :o)
    May I be so bold as to offer a suggestion regarding the bases? ... It may just be the photos, but I think a little extra drybrushing with a mid brown to bring out the texture on the bases would make these lovely miniatures stand out more?
    Looking forward to the Coldstreamers! :o)

    1. Yeh I think you're right there Matt, I usually highlight them with some English Uniform colour but with the yellow/khaki of the uniforms they might need to be a tad brighter. They are definately lighter in reality but a touch extra would go amiss.