Thursday, 18 February 2016

Warlord Games US Pathfinders

Hey guys back again with a couple more US airborne troops. This time its 4 pathfinders from Warlord Games and I have to say I do like them. I painted the uniforms with some slightly different yellow tones to the previous US airborne just to differentiate them a little more. 

The pictures are a little more yellow than the real things as the light highlights dont show up that well. 


Just need to figure out what insignias they had and they will be all ready for basing

I think I managed to pull off the faces reasonably well, a bit of glazing and blending gave some nice face tones. I also went for several light glazes to simulate stubble from the shaved heads.

Let me know what you think with any comments tips etc


  1. Lovely painting Roger! The uniform colour look perfect, excellent faces too. Good work!