Sunday, 31 January 2016

24 man British 1st Foot Guards

So its been over a month since my last post and I feel a little slack for not having posted something earlier. I've been waiting on finishing the entire unit to show all at once and I finally managed to get through the last of them yesterday. 

24 Foundry figures painted up as the 1st Foot Guards for circa 1815. They're pretty nice figures that take paint well but have a ton of annoying flash and mould lines in annoying places.

They're all on paddlepop sticks at the moment for ease of painting and are awaiting a few coats of varnish once the humidity drops somewhere below 85%...Queensland summer is a bitch.

I tried my hand at NMM for the gold lace on these to distinguish it from the brass colours of the actual metal. I think it turned out reasonably well but a little more practice is probably in order

I only posted photos of the flank company figures and once centre company figure because really they're just all the same...The green tuft of the light company figure doesn't show that well in the photo but is a tad more green

Whole group shot. The massed paddlepop stick colour is a bit trippy in this photo

Back to work on another 20 or so WW2 US Airborne. That should keep me occupied for at least another month I'd say but after painting Nappys it will seem like a breeze.

Questions, comments, problems and hints are all welcome!

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