Monday, 28 December 2015

Napoleonic British Grenadier Guards

Here are the figures that I promised to show you guys a while ago. I've had them finished for about 2 weeks now but I forgot to put them up. These are the first Foundry figures that I have painted and I have to say that I quite like them, A few annoying mold lines on the faces was the worst of it but apart from that they really just had standard flash. 

I'm painting up a unit of 24 Grenadier Guards and these are the first 9 out of the blocks. I decided to have a crack at painting all the same figures in one go and whilst its effective in getting them done a little faster it is a bit tedious. Nappys just take so damn long.

I've started on the next 9 (all kneeling figures and identical again...) and the command group will come after that. I still have a 16 man unit of Coldstream Guards to do but they're pretty well identical in paint job anyway. 

It's the first time I haven't painted figures already attached to bases and it threw me for a while as  kept getting my fingers in the way. In the end the old paddlepop stick and PVA glue trick seems to have done the job. 

I have now realised that the flank company's tuft colours need to be changed! I got on a bit of a roll painting the red and white so I'll have to go back and change it up.

The colours for the main uniform parts were all Vallejo.
Jacket: VJ Red base coat, Flat Red over that and highlights in Scarlet
Pants: Dark Grey base, London Grey over the top then Light Sea Grey and Light grey highlights
Shako/Grey areas: Dark Grey, black wash and Dark Grey again
Facings: Dark Prussian blue base (a few coats were needed) and then Tamiya Flat Blue

Questions, comments, tips and critiques all welcome!

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