Friday, 11 December 2015

Holiday Blitz

It's been a little while since my last post and I don't have any new pictures for you...
Not because I've been lazy (well maybe just a little) but because I've been super busy.

I've been on holidays for about 3 weeks already but I really haven't had too much time for hobby related stuff as I've just come back from overseas. I'm about halfway through the first batch of Grenadier Guards and I hope to finish those off before I go back to work mid next week. I also had to strip a whole bunch of other figures that I'd undercoated in a White Knight grey spray primer. It ended up being really thick on the figures (even though I sprayed from a distance) and ruining the detail...needless to say I was pissed at having to strip them. Oh and I forgot I left a plastic horse in the Dettol for 2 weeks and it was just a blob when I took it out. Oops.

While I was away there were a few tasty sales for Black Friday and on ebay so I managed to snatch up a whole bunch of stuff and came home to about 4-5 packages. 6 Fallschirmjager sprues from Warlord for half price (and 6 Grenadier sprues in the mail) were too tempting to resist. I managed to pickup a sealed box of the metal Lord of the Rings Army of the Dead for a pretty reasonable deal and 11 Knights of Minas Tirith in varying states of repair. A bit of superglue, greenstuff and some inventive basing should see them come up nicely eventually. I hope.

Next post should have about ten of the Grenadier Guards up and running so until then happy modelling!

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