Monday, 16 November 2015

Paras version 2.0

Just a quickie post of what I've been up to since my last post. The next ten paras are done, these are all warlord figures which I tend to like but I find they always have a lot of variation in the face casting. Some are awesome and others just look a tad strange. A lot of it you can paint out if you're careful but it's a bit of a pain.

 I'll be covering the base of the .30 cal team with plenty of static grass/bushes when I do them all at the end so it'll look like they're hiding in the grass

60mm mortar team. These guys are great sculpts. Couldn't fault them

The next 4 are the Thompson gunners. Again in reality the uniforms are a little more sandy in colour and a tad less ochre. These guys have heaps more kit on them compared to the Artizan/Offensive figures that I did previously. I think I prefer it as it makes them look more like they're all geared up for action but it sure takes longer to get it all looking right.

It took me ages to figure out what the big yellow patch on the guy's shoulder was. Turns out it is a gas detection brassard that some of them wore. I was reading in the Ospreys that most of them ended up wearing it on their left shoulder in the end as it got in the way of aiming but Warlord seem to have left it on the right hand side

I'm going to take a break from these for the moment and paint up some British Coldstream Guards for something a little different. Plenty to do in the pipeline but I will get straight back into the other 17 airborne figures once I've gotten over my Para painting block!

Thanks for looking as always


  1. Very good indeed! Lovely palette of colours.

  2. Cheers mate. I can give you a list of colours if you need them