Thursday, 29 October 2015

First Ten US Paras

I finished these a few days ago but hadn't found the time to take photos of them. The photo's ended up being a quick and nasty job anyway to be honest. I still can't quite seem to get the lighting right to show them off and the photo's don't really do them justice. I think it might be the light cream colour on the highlights that gets washed out in the light

A couple of Artizan figs, I decided to do the pants on these ones a little different just to mix it up

A couple of carbine wielding fellas. They look a bit more yellow in the photos than in reality

Final group shot of the finished ones to date. The next ten are already on the desk

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!


  1. Well fudge me guv'nor! They're gorgeous!
    I've nearly got some of my British Paras ready but seeing your Yanks I'm embarassed to post 'em up. ;o)

  2. Thanks Matt, you've gotta put them up. Sharing's caring!