Sunday, 18 October 2015

US Paras test figure

I'v been working on a bunch of these as much as I can lately, I've got 37 to do and having never painted that many of one type of figure before it's a little daunting. I've decided to do them in batches of ten to try and get them done a little faster as I also have a whole bunch of Napoleonic British Guard infantry to do but given my snails pace painting style it might take longer than I think.

This is an Offensive Miniatures figure and I'm painting a whole mix of those and Artizan/Warlord Games paras. The Offensive ones are more anatomically correct with longer legs and the faces are nowhere near as caricatured as the others. Overall I think they're the best sculpts out of the lot for accuracy, just the guns tend to lack a little of the detail. I prefer the slightly chunkier ones of the Warlord/Artizan figures as they're easier to paint.

The decals are from the Warlord store and are about $4 AUD, well worth it to tie the figure together and I was never going to be bothered trying to hand paint the unit insignia.

I'm pretty happy with how this fellah has turned out, I haven't quite got the hang of the photography yet and it looks a bit more mustard coloured in reality. I'll post up the next 9 I'm working on over the next week or so 

Thanks for looking as always!


  1. Nice job on this! I just finished two US Para test figures from Warlord Games and the webbing is so extensive it took me forever. Why oh, why did I choose to paint Project Market Garden. I'm doomed!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the next nine of yours!!

  2. That's a superb start sir! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the squad.

  3. Thanks guys. I find the easiest way to do the webbing is to hit it with a khaki colour, quick wash and then a slightly lighter colour as a highlight. Doesn't need too much work there's just plenty of it!