Thursday, 2 July 2015

2nd KGL Hussars

Well they took an age but I have finally finished the 2nd KGL Hussars that I started months ago. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out but I hate to think how many hours I spent trying to get it right!
They are Perry Miniatures plastics and were pretty nice to paint, particularly the horses where the muscle definition makes it easy to pick out the details. The riders weren't particularly difficult there was just a hell of a lot more lace than I am used to and trying to strike the balance between perfectionism and practicality took me a while to get used to. 

I'm particularly happy with how the horses turned out. My shitty photography doesn't really do them justice but I've figured out a few nice triads to get a bit of variety into the horses. If anyone wants a copy of the colours I can post them on here.

The officer's gold braid was done with Vallejo Old Gold. I may go for some of their metallic series next time or try some NMM techniques. The regular guys braid was yellow ochre with a brown wash and Vallejo light yellow over the top.

I added a few little bits and pieces I had lying around, including a few pieces of some Victrix British artillery that was missing a few parts and hence I couldn't turn it into a full gun.

I tried to get them as accurate as possible by copying the really useful guides included in the Perry's box. It might be a tad hard to see in the pictures but I've put the little number 2 in the saddle furniture to denote the 2nd KGL.

Anyway let me know what you think, constructive feedback is always welcome. I'm about to start on some Artizan British Airborne and I may try and do a step by step if I remember along the way.

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