Monday, 15 June 2015

Victrix Athenian Hoplites

I've been super busy lately (just bought an apartment) so I haven't had a chance to really paint much up lately. I thought I'd post a few bits and pieces that I have sitting in my finished box so here they are. I was looking at buying a whole box of these but couldn't really justify needing all of them and an ebay auction came up for a 12 of them including the LBMS transfers and I jumped on it

They're quite nice figures and I enjoyed the painting of them. The white areas taught me the importance of a grey underlayer to avoid having to paint over black a million times.

The faces and skin areas all had pretty good detail which was nice to see and makes my job a whole lot easier so I don't have to make them up 

Not really sure what I'll do with them but I've been eyeing off spartans and some of the nice new carthaginian boxes too....

On the table and getting pretty close to done are my Perry Miniatures British Hussars that I've painted up as the 2nd KGL Hussars. Very nice figures. Just the last 5 riders to do and they're all done. I've been at it forever...

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