Monday, 8 June 2015

Haradrim Raiders

Mixing it up a bit because I got sick of the drab uniforms of WW1 (didn't take long). I bought these a few months back relatively cheap, well as cheap as GW stuff comes really. They haven't been based or matt varnished yet so they will dull down a little and get rid of the nasty camera shine.

This was the first time I'd painted finecast and to be honest I wasn't impressed with the quality. I'd heard some bad press about it but decided to reserve judgment until I had done some up myself. The beige horse was a real pest to get through but came up alright in the end.

The last two were definitely better than the first and rolled off the production line a little quicker

I'll probably keep these for a little while and finish off the bases then flog them off when I have to much stuff to keep as I can't really do much with them and someone out there may enjoy using them as they were designed.

Questions, comments and critiques all welcome!

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