Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Bits and Bobs

Been fairly busy painting lately, I've finished the majority of a Mordor army for Lord of the Rings SBG and here is just a taste of what I finished today, hoping to get some photos of the others tomorrow if it isn't too cloudy

Witch King of Angmar

These have been in the works for a while, managed to get them airbrushed last week and now the time consuming part is doing all the detailing. Tons of metallic grey panelling highlights, drivers to be painted and then the blue glow on the weapons and thruster areas for the tanks. After that a gloss varnish coat and a pin wash with some black oil paint before finishing them off with some matt varnish. Hoping to get stuck into these properly once I finish off a unit of Mordor Uruk Hai this week (ideally)

Stay tuned for some photos of my Mordor gear this week with any luck

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