Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Paras WIP 2

Back again for more Denison goodness. Ive put the next 3 shots in to show a comparison of the colour change that occurs when adding the next 2 colours. I start by putting a layer of Glaze Medium on part of the smock (I work in sections to stop it drying too fast). Make sure its only a very thin layer because too much Medium will make the paint run and it wont look nice.

Next I apply German Camo Beige covering less areas than the original colour and straight away add Iraqui Sand over another smaller area.

The glaze medium will help blend the two colours together and you wont get a sharp transition which makes the cloth look a little more natural.

Comparison between a finished smock base and unfinished base

You can see the transition between the German Camo beige and the Iraqui sand additive in the next few photos. It really lightens the overall colour but that will appear darker later on once the camo is added.

With Iraqi Sand added

For the brown spots I use Flat Brown mixed with Glaze Medium applied in patches. The glaze medium helps keep the edges semi transparent so it's not too sharp a contrast.

The webbing is also highlighted by mixing 50% Russian Uniform WW2 with 50% Khaki to produce a lighter colour. I just do a standard highlight and try to leave the darker colour in the recesses. You can vary the khaki additive to create a more bright effect if you like.

A few of the figure have beards, this one is a bit of flat brown heavily diluted with glaze medium and added in several layers to produce the desired consistency. Try not to let it pool like a wash because it won't provide the right effect.

Green spots are added in the same way as the brown using Reflective Green

To do the shoulder patch I start by drawing an icecream shaped backing with German Camo Dark Green and draw a few small 'wings' off the side. It doesn't need to be super accurate as it blends with the Reflective Green and the white goes over the top. I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of the patch but there will be plenty in the next update 

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